Our Services For Gold Purity Analyzer

AURUMTUM safeguards NBFCs and Banks dealing with Gold Loans giving additional assurances on LTV ratio. The machinery stands the test & stringent norms of the RBI & ISO 9001:2015 A special team of design & development experts heading the production ensures the continuous improvement of the product. Unlike the conventional methods, our focus on implementation & execution cycle of the product also contributes to the high rate of usability & success. Aurumtum is the best in market to find exact purity of Gold and Analysing gold purity.

We ensure that the Solid State Gold Purity analyzer deliver its promise by implementation sessions and follow up sessions for the users of Aurumtum. The Aurumtum 1074 and Aurumtum 3045 come with a replacement guarantee of 12 months and an onsite warranty of additional 12 months. Moreover, our extensive service network assures prompt maintenance service throughout the product life cycle.