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welcome to veda group

Addressing the ever growing market demands are nothing short of a balancing act over a trip wire given today’s scenario. Yet we see new brands rise on a regular basis defining new benchmarks, which points to the fact that innovations are here to stay forever.

Veda Group was conceived with a strong desire to address the market needs combining youth energy & veteran experience in Gold purity Analyser and Pure Gold

We acknowledge that financial institutions face enormous risk while accepting private Gold Collateral as pledge due to the ambiguity in Gold Purity analysis. The lack of proper knowledge amongst the handlers, the advancement of technology & know-how that is accessible to fraudsters makes it difficult for even the trained eyes to identify spurious gold.

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Pure Gold

Pure Gold or 24 karat Gold of 999.99 fineness (Au) is a very soft metal which is highly malleable & tensile. It is very rare naturally occurring metal and undergoes strenuous process before achieving certain quantity of 24K Gold from the given Gold deposit ore. India relies on majority of Gold imports from foreign mints. Gold exhibits fine optical property which gives it the shining lustre, which tends to vary. It is generally alloyed with a comparatively small proportion of some other metal for regular use. This proportion of Gold in an alloy may vary from 91.6% to 41.6% or more affecting the cost of the Gold property.

Gold purity analyser

Gold Purity

24 karat Gold is the purest for of Gold and any sample claiming more than that is misleading. In India 22 karat Gold or 91.6% or 916 Gold is considered standard gold. Further to this Gold is also available in 18, 14, 10 karats. Anything less than 10 karats (41.6% Au) are not accepted as gold in the market. Since all Gold samples look more or less similar for a layman’s eyes, adulteration of Gold articles by the introduction of too much of the strengthening alloy or usage of base metals to stuff/ fill the core of gold ornaments, bars and coins misleading the general public into buying Gold of less purity than for what they have paid for.

gold purity analyser

Gold Purity Analyser

Both Gold purchasers and Banks dealing with Gold Loans face immense risk and are vulnerable to fake gold and fraud practices. Testing Gold properties can be tricky as the ornament usually may not be subject to destructive testing. Conventional Gold purity analysis is limited to colour gradient comparison of Gold scrubs on a touchstone. Amongst the Gold Purity analysers available in the market today technologies like XRF Method, Differential Acid Test, Chromatography etc are used. But their efficiency is limited mostly to the superficial scanning unable to detect core stuffing and fillers inside the sample.

Scope Of Business

India’s domestic gold reserves, one of the largest in the world, are 3 times greater than our own Federal Reserve topping more than 1000 MT of domestic consumption per annum and is growing at 5% per annum. 80% of the Gold (22 Kt) thus consumed are used for Jewellery Fabrication. India’s rural agricultural community still sees Gold as an informal barter economy. Indian consumer is often a victim of irregular metal quality.